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Here's what our beloved customers are saying about us: 

"The Mettwurst Shop has a delicious range of... Mettwurst.  Some spicy, some ridiculously mild, of different shapes, sizes and flavours. The guys that work there love the stuff and can tell you what you need to fulfil your requirements, whatever they may be."  Julia C. - South Australia 


"Want to chew on a stick of meat? Yeah you know you do. This place sells much more than mettwurst thank god. Grab your chili biltong, jerky, salami, chorizo, pepperoni and more here. All made GF and naturally smoked and at ridiculously good prices. $3.50 for a large, fresh made chorizo sausage? Bargain. Really helpful owners/staff in the shop and a great little institution of the Central Markets."  Chloe R. - South Australia 



"The mettwurst shop puts up damn fine mettwurst if little else. Specializing in locally produced mettwurst of the highest quality, and with taste sensations such as garlic and red wine mettwurst it is hard to look past this shop."  Andrew C- South Australia 


"The variety of mettwurst is extensive, from traditional garlic, to red wine, csabai, and there is also ‘Bum burners‘ for those who like it hot – laugh now as you may, and face the consequences later."  Billy Law - A Table for Two